Who we are and what we do 
The lights dimmed down and the screen came to life as the film reeled through the projector, depicting each boxy frame on the immense cinematic display. Hours passed by until the spearheading scene shuffled its way on to the IMAX screen. It was a life-changing spectacle, a band performing in front of an entire city. They were having the time of their lives, bobbing to the beat, rocking all around, and leaping into the crowd. The young vocalist viewing the flick grew inspired to assemble such a phenomenon and began recruiting. Neighbors, friends, school-mates, it didn’t matter, he scouted for talent anywhere possible. Through tip-offs and casual socializing, the chorister had the privilege of meeting and collaborating with passionate like-minded musicians from his middle school music program until a coterie was established. Kick-starting themselves as ReNock9 the band promptly began covering popular artists such as Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, Ne-Yo, Gavin DeGraw, and many others. Able to learn tunes with adroitness, the group got to experimenting with new instruments, driving melodies, catchy lyrics, anything to turn their material into a laudable earworm. With the community, promoters, and even big-name popstars taking a new found interest in their original compositions such as Through The Skies, Vibrance, Are You Feeling Me, More Than Love, Get Out, Puzzles, Learn to Live, When Someone Wants Me, Telephone, Under the Weather, and countless others, ReNock9 realized that they weren’t the same middle school boys who’d just jam around for kicks, they were developing a name for themselves. They were getting shows too, performing at venues such as Herman’s Hideaway or the Pepsi Center, at a very young age. In recognition of this transformation, the now high school boys turned over a new leaf, changing their name from ReNock9 to ReWritten. Making music, developing life-long friendships, and engaging in memorable experiences with an enthusiastic audience of music-lovers. That’s our intent as artists and we’re glad to share it with people like you.
Meet the crew
Active and official members:

Michael Seda (lead vocalist/ CEO/ lyricist)
Jason Loing (keyboarder/pianist, backup singer)
Daniel Sanchez (cellist)
Bryce Dickson (dr​ummer/percussionist)

About us